Plant based products




We are responding to the trends within the market and welcoming new premium products to our portfolio - 100% vegan vegetable yoghurts with coconut culture. 

The market will welcome the following three flavors:

  •  natural coconut yogurt
  • coconut - mango 
  • coconut - blueberry and blackcurrant

Premium 100% vegan alternatives are creamy and smooth with a real taste of yoghurt and live yoghurt culture. They are made of BIO certified ingredients of high organic quality.

They are made without added sugar, without preservatives, gluten, GMO and without soy. Natural plant-based yogurt is made with 95% coconut milk and mango and blueberry flavours are made with more than 70%.

 They are great as an alternative for breakfast, with cereals, as part of a refreshing smoothie or you can enjoy their flavour on their own.





Body&Future Coconut plant based drink 0.75L was awarded by SIAL INNOVATION Selection at the world's largest food innovation exhibition SIAL 2018

The Plant milk category is too small but the increase of sales rose dynamically. Therefore McCarter is rolling out new line of Nut milks to the market under its brand Body&Future.

The Slovak Food Research Institute confirmed that the Body&Future nut milks preserves its Omega 3 nutrition with no oxidation during whole shelf life.

We offer the following flavours: 

  1. Almond plant based drink 0.75L PET
  2. Hazelnut plant based drink 0.75L PET
  3. Coconut plant based drink 0.75L PET
  4. Oat plant based drink 0,75L PET

Body&Future plant based drinks: 

  • Suitable for vegans
  • High content of nuts
  • Extra dosage of Calcium and Vitamin D
  • No added sugar
  • Dairy alternative
  • Chilled, shelf life 120 days
  • Flash pasteurisation
  • Cold aseptic filling, special barrier PET bottle, Scavenger cap



Body&Future plant milks received the ANUGA taste INNOVATION Award at ANUGA 2017 - the world’s largest food fair.